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Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Away - Some Pictures

Had a really nice weekend away (for more on the nitty gritty of why we went away, read here). I'd love to share some of the pics with Mrs_C and I in them, but you know the pseudo-anonymity thing and all...

We haven't been anywhere without kids together since we didn't have any. This weekend away was a first for us. It has all been about parenting, not us as a couple for 14 years. We each had a few trips away without the other, but nothing with just us.

It was a spontaneous getaway. I certainly remembered what we found in each other - and still found this weekend - even with the background of tension, it was lovely.


Some of where we went. It was such a gorgeous weekend. The entire world around us had been scrubbed clean.


Some of what we did (not us in the picture, of course). Trees, water, the smell of life. Our dog would have had fun too, just like the one in this picture.

We did not get on the water this weekend, but we enjoyed walking around the marina and seeing all the boats on the water. We didn't swin in the lake though we did walk in the water on the shore. The lake is still a little cold, and there was a pool back at the condo unit we stayed in.


I love boats. This is such a pretty little marina and inlet. It is magical when you see it.


This vessel is older than I am. A great boat. 3 staterooms. I went on it a couple of years ago when it was being refurbished.

The sky is so big. The weather was raining hard on Friday evening as we drove, but cleared up overnight. The locals told us that it had been raining and grey for weeks before our arrival. I think God was casting a helping hand.


More of the marina from a different viewpoint.


Hard to believe it's all in the middle of bald assed prairie. You can literally sail right past grain bins and cows...

Someday I will sail for an extended period in my own vessel. I want to sail around the Aegean and Adriatic seas (preferably into the Black Sea as well). I want to sail the Carribean, and would like to spend some time in some of the island states of the south pacific.



At June 27, 2006 6:40 AM, Blogger oldhippichick said...

Sail away, Cadbury..........

At June 27, 2006 10:41 PM, Blogger Chelle said...

Glad you had a wonderful time!! :) Looks like a beautiful spot!


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